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Buy silver with bitcoins

buy silver with bitcoins

Specifications: Material:Iron Color:silver/golden(optional) Diameter: 40mm Packing: Hard Plastic Capsule Thickness: 3mm Logo: Virtual Money Bitcoin. Bitcoin Silver (BTCS) is a cryptocurrency and operates on the Ethereum platform. Bitcoin Silver has a current supply of 50,, with 0 in circulation. It can also be taken into account that the decline of the US dollar has encouraged investors to buy gold. The same can be understood for BTC. Gold and Bitcoin.

Buy silver with bitcoins

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Buy silver with bitcoins cloudmine litecoin


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SD Bullion was founded by two doctors aiming to provide the lowest prices for gold and silver. Spot prices change rapidly and SD Bullion is quick to update to give the most competitive prices. So any savings when buying gold with bitcoin could be eaten up by those fees. His YouTube channel has over K subscribers where he talks about macroeconomics in relation to precious metals and cryptocurrency.

This shop has a smaller selection of options, but they carry the most well-known coins. Provident Metals, based in Dallas Texas, has processed over 1 million sales and has over 31K reviews. Shop for gold and silver with bitcoin at Provident Metals here.

There you have it; 6 ways to buy gold and silver with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Now you can easily take profits in another hard asset instead of dollars during cryptocurrency bull markets. Jeff Paul is the founder of Coinivore.

Email address:. Why buy cryptocurrency when you can earn it? Get the ultimate guide to making money in crypto in Includes best affiliates, content platforms, merchant tools and more. Start earning today! Home » Bitcoin Education Markets.

Coinivore Posted On October 21, Share On Facebook Tweet It. By Jeff Paul One of my favorite ways to take profits during a bull market is to buy precious metals with bitcoin. Post Views: 3, June 27, Because it functions as a single uniform piece of currency, bitcoin blurs the global lines, transcending languages, current exchange rates, and thousands of miles of geographical distance.

Although the current price to buy into bitcoin is high, those who use it as a method of payment appreciate the lower processing fees added when compared to those added to purchases through other payments, but this will vary from seller to seller.

Because bitcoin is not government regulated, it is unable to promise you the same security and privacy that government regulated currencies offer. Any purchase made through Bitcoin is instant, irreversible, and unprotected. Of course, buying through an online merchant such as Bullion Exchanges negates this risk to an extent, as it is always possible to contact our customer service for assistance with a return or refund.

However, purchases made through a non-reputable dealer could end in a big loss. The key here is to be very careful with this information! Once you find an authorized precious metals dealer who accepts bitcoin, like Bullion Exchanges , you can make your silver purchase just like you normally would with other forms of payment.

Add your selection to your cart, and click Check Out. At this point, you can choose the Bitcoin option. For your convenience, have your wallet app open to the payment submission page. Then you will need to complete your payment by either:. Scanning the QR Code: Your invoice will be encoded within a QR code which you can easily scan with your bitcoin wallet app.

Once the invoice comes up through the app, approve it and the amount will be sent to Bullion Exchanges. Below this field, you will need to fill in the payment information with the exact amount, and send the payment to Bullion Exchanges. Note: Be advised that clearing payments made through bitcoin can take anywhere from a few hours to one full business day, and it is at that stage that your order will enter the shipping queue. A small fee will be added to your total, and then you will have completed your purchase of silver with bitcoin.

If at any time during your transaction you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us through our customer service live chat feature, via email at [email protected] , or by calling us at 1. Bullion Exchanges uses cookies to improve your experience on our website BullionExchanges.

If you would like to know more, please read our Privacy Policy. My Cart: 0 item s 0. How to buy silver with Bitcoin. Cons of Purchasing Silver with Bitcoin Because bitcoin is not government regulated, it is unable to promise you the same security and privacy that government regulated currencies offer.

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